Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Computer Virus

Ha, I sort of am laughing at my last post saying I was going to blog more this year and then have not posted anything since. I actually have a good excuse! I have had 3 nasty computer viruses in the past 3 weeks. These were the first viruses I have ever had! I have heard about the horror computer viruses can cause, and I can agree after experiencing it first hand. Turns out my anti-virus was turned off, not sure how I did that since I did not even know I had anti-virus software, ha. Thankfully my husband owns a computer company (www.austinareacomputers.com) and was able to fix all the damage (even though he was not pleased having to spend hours on my computer when he got home from work). If you are struck down with a computer virus, please call Austin Area Computers at 524-9089 or e-mail info@austinareacomputers.com. Now... back to blogging!!!

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