Monday, July 18, 2011

2 Years Ago

2 years ago today, sweet Addison Rose was born...

One year ago... Today... I cannot believe my "baby" is two years old. There is so much to say about Addison at this age.

  • She is sleeping in her big girl bed (a double bed). The transition was difficult, but I will save the story for a different blog post.
  • Sits in a booster seat.
  • LOVES her little sister Monkeyna (that is what is sounds like when she says her name, so cute)
  • She can talk in sentences, some words are clearer than others.
  • Knows all her colors, can count to 10 and can sing her ABC's.
  • She wears a size 3 diaper and 18-2T clothes
  • She loves shoes and "pretties" aka bracelets, rings & necklaces.
  • Starting to be very opinionated on the clothing she wears. If she does not like what I put on her, she will take it off and throw it in the trash can, ha.
  • Loves to sing, dance (she does a great booty, booty dance), do puzzles and color.
  • She is very helpful in cleaning up messes... she throws away her trash, will go get a rag to wipe up spills and will vacuum the floor!
  • She is a picky and unpredictable eater. The only veggies she gets are in the V8 juice she drinks in the mornings. I am sure this topic will come up at her well check on Friday.
  • She is a social butterfly and plays very well with others.
  • She loves Elmo and Barney.
  • She is technology driven. She can work the iPad, my iphone, Brian's android phone like a pro! One of her birthday gifts was a computer (doesn't every 2 year old need her own computer?). We got her a small table at Ikea and set everything up in Brian's office.
  • She is happy 95% of the time and can throw a good tantrum if needed, ha.
  • She goes to school twice a week and loves it!
  • We are carrying her less and less. This has been one of the more difficult things to tackle having two kids under 2.

I am sure I can go on and on... To sum it up, Addison is a sweet little girl and is so much fun! Happy Birthday baby girl!

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