Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Official!

Addison is crawling! She started on Thursday evening and has progressed more and more every day! I think she loves being able to crawl to me when she needs me or going to get a far away toy that she wants to play with. Poor thing has rug burn on her knees, not sure what to do about that. We were not quite ready for this stage even though I knew it was coming. Outlet plugs and cord covers are on their way, we will also be rearranging some furniture to limit access to cords. Needless to say our Roomba will be working in overdrive keeping the floors clean. I will get a good video of her crawling later today and will post it on the blog.

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Mrs. Jenk said...

I love her litte monster faces! Baby Legs (leg warmers) worked really well for the early crawling phase. Have fun!