Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Week Well Check

On Monday, August 3rd Addison had her 2 week well check with Dr. Sperling. Addison is a perfectly healthy girl! The good news was that since she gained the proper amount of weight, I can start letting her sleep 5-6 hours at night. We were also told to start doing tummy time so Addison's neck and upper body can start building strength. Here are her stats:
Weight: 8 Pounds (40-45th Percentile)
Height: 20.5 Inches (50th Percentile)
Head: 35 3/4 cm (50th Percentile)
We decided to go ahead and do the extended Baylor screening, which means they had to take blood. I knew this going into the appointment, but did not think it would be as bad as it was. They had to fill 8 circles the size of a nickel with her blood. She screamed to hard and it totally broke my heart. It also took the nurse FOREVER to get enough blood. I cried... a lot... and still cry when I think about it. Poor baby!
We go back on August 21st for her 1 month checkup.

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